[linux-dvb] air2pc, dvr0

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Thu Feb 24 16:08:09 CET 2005

Jean Connelly wrote:
> > but a PAT is there, as "test_sections 0" demonstrated.
> > Are you sure azap was running and had a frontend lock?
> I ran dvb_scan with and without azap running (with a lock on the
> right) and had the same response.
> I have now toyed with the card on a windows machine and done a channel
> scan on that platform.  I'll experiment with the frequencies and PIDs
> from that.
> My problems still come from the fact that I don't know which apps
> *should* work, since they weren't really designed for ATSC.  Are you
> confident that dvb_scan should give me more verbose results?

PAT and PMT are per MPEG-2 spec and should be the same for
DVB and ATSC (well, some descriptors might be different but
the structure should be equal), however the other tables that dvbscan
evaluates (SDT and NIT) do not exist in ATSC (they have other tables).

I am confident that dvbscan at least should not get a timeout for PID 0,
and should be able to parse the PAT, and then get and parse the PMTs,
thus giving you the PIDs.

OTOH the PAT you posted is invalid accoring to MPEG-2 ...
(00 b0 0d 05 53 c5 00 00  00 01 e0 20 08 65 0b 88    ....S...... .e..)


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