[linux-dvb] AirStar USB status (+patch)

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Fri Feb 25 14:52:27 CET 2005

On Fri, 25 Feb 2005 samuli at tuomola.net wrote:

> Hi, just wanted to know where the b2c2-usb driver development is going
> nowadays? Made an impulse buy of the Technisat AirStar box (rev 2.1
> with FlexCop III and TDTC9251DH01C (mt352)) a month ago and would now
> like to use it in linux, so I'd be very intrested to see it supported.


I currently rewrite the dma stuff and pci initialization of the 
pci-bus-driver. As you can see in the README, the adapting of the existing 
usb driver is the step afterwards.

I want to stick to this order, because there will some changes in the 
flexcop-part, that will require changes in the usb-part as well.

Maybe this weekend I'll find the time to create a first working usb 

> I realize the b2c2-directory under dvb-kernel in cvs is temporary and
> that the driver is going through lot of changes, still, just for the
> heck of it I cleaned the 50 or so warnings and errors to get it to
> compile cleanly against 2.6.11-rc4 (make SUBDIRS=../dvb-kernel/b2c2).
> (Also requires applying
> http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2005-February/000015.html)
> Attached are the changes made, feel free to ignore it if something else
> is happening.

dvb-kernel/b2c2 is compatible with dvb-kernel/build-2.6

ie. make in build-2.6, make in b2c2, run ./in.sh in b2c2 is the way to go.

> b2c2-flexcop: B2C2 FlexcopII/II(b)/III digital TV receiver chip loaded
> successfully
> b2c2-flexcop: unkown FlexCop Revision: 0. Please report the
> linux-dvb at linuxtv.org.
> b2c2-flexcop: reading of MAC address failed.
> DVB: registering new adapter (FlexCop Digital TV device).
> b2c2-flexcop: i2c master_xfer failed
> b2c2-flexcop: i2c master_xfer failed
> b2c2-flexcop: i2c master_xfer failed
> b2c2-flexcop: i2c master_xfer failed
> i2c_readbytes: i2c read error (addr 0a, err == -121)
> b2c2-flexcop: i2c master_xfer failed
> mt312_read: ret == -121
> b2c2-flexcop: no frontend driver found for this B2C2/FlexCop adapter
> usbcore: registered new driver dvb_b2c2_usb
> So still quite useless, but at least it loads :).

Unfortunately your patch is non-unified, so hard to read for me. Can you 
send me a 'cvs diff -u' privately. I then have a look, what I can use 

Thanks so far.

> Btw, would the specs referred to here
> http://pvrguide.no-ip.com/bbs-old/viewtopic.php?t=16643 be available
> from somewhere?

They are not public, sorry.

best regards,

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