[linux-dvb] air2pc, dvr0

Jean Connelly unksme at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 15:36:47 CET 2005


> I am confident that dvbscan at least should not get a timeout for PID 0,
> and should be able to parse the PAT, and then get and parse the PMTs,
> thus giving you the PIDs.
> OTOH the PAT you posted is invalid accoring to MPEG-2 ...
> (00 b0 0d 05 53 c5 00 00  00 01 e0 20 08 65 0b 88    ....S...... .e..)

You were absolutely correct.  I did a new channel scan from a windows
box and picked the strongest of the stations that showed up from

I then used azap on that station and dvbscan -cvvv did show a bunch
more stuff with available PIDs (though I'd already written down the
PIDs that showed up from the windows scan).

dvbstream was also able to output a stream (though I didn't get any
audio ... I'll play more with that).

I'm satisfied now that the card works; I'm going to wait to setup myth
until I have a good antenna setup.


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