[linux-dvb] I have PIDs, whats next?

clemens at dwf.com clemens at dwf.com
Sat Feb 26 04:45:25 CET 2005

OK, I have now done the

        azap -r <chan-name>

and a symultaneous

        dvbscan -cvvv

and have some output showing the PIDs available on each channel in this area
(at least at this time of night)

What do I do with them?

Do I modify the channels.conf file making multiple lines for each channel,
each with a pair of PIDs?  If so, I would assume that I need to come up with
unique names for each line, like KNME-DT1 and KNME-DT2.  Is that correct,
or as usual have I got it all wrong?

OK, next question.
How do I get this information (the PIDs) into MythTV?
There is no obvious place for it in the screens that I bring up.

Or does it come in thru 'name' given to a channel and a cross reference into
the (modified as above) channels.conf file???

And then, the MythTV setup display has two names/lines,
        Call Sign

If the above is anywhere close to being right, which of these two has to
agree with the name in channels.conf?

And Initially (it isnt showning now) there were two screens for each channel,
and I could put in a 'Channel Number" on the first page and something with
a similar name on the 2nd page.

It APPEARED that the number on the first page was just a label (perhaps
5-1, 5-2 would do), and the number on the second page was the 'real' channel
number.  Now the 2nd page is gone and the number on the first page has
been changed (read randomized).  To me this appears to mean that one of those
Channel Name/Call Sign pair is going to connect me to the channels.conf

So, thats my GUESS as to how things are working, it REALLY would be nice
if I could find some documentation so I wouldnt be guessing...

How far off am I, and what do I do next?

                                                reg at dwf.com

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