[linux-dvb] Best platform for media??

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Sat Feb 26 17:40:06 CET 2005

Thanks, so much!

I'll be re-using my budget Hauppauge Nova-T.  Am quite pleased with the 
multi-channel recording under VDR.  To date I've been doing all the testing 
and learning on a P2 400 Dell2400 - but it's now beginning to slow me down 
too much.

> Not sure if nForce is good for linux (some problems with NF2 and NF3 - not 
> sure if they have been fixed by now).

so either SIS or Via chipsets are fine then?

What about things like 'hyper threading' ?  I gather support for this will 
probably add complication and not worth the effort?

> Depending on other requirements but if you need it for DVDs and DVB then 
> look for S/PDIF output. Full featured DVB cards tend to have S/PDIF output 
> as well so soundcard may not be even needed.

What kind of connector is on S/PDIF?

>> Video
>>    I want a card, preferably with composite output.
> Not sure but if there's TV-out in the graphic card then there is always 
> composite output. This provides the poorest image.
> Minimum for analogue video-output is s-video, IMO. Better is to have RGB 
> output.

RGB=scart type output?

>>    What's uATX?
> Motherboard form, very small. If you wan't to build small HTPC type 
> computer then this is good solution. Expansion slots are minimal - AGP is 
> often missing, PCI ports are limited to 1 or 2 and a lot of peripherials 
> are integrated.

So integral video out on the motherboard?

>>    Best to get 8x?
> Will not provide any advantages for video viewing purposes. This comes 
> handy when using a lot of textures for 3D graphics.

Thanks again!! 

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