[linux-dvb] Best platform for media??

Pasi Juppo pasi.juppo at iki.fi
Sat Feb 26 22:48:30 CET 2005

Simon Baxter wrote:
> Thanks, so much!
> I'll be re-using my budget Hauppauge Nova-T.  Am quite pleased with the 
> multi-channel recording under VDR.  To date I've been doing all the 
> testing and learning on a P2 400 Dell2400 - but it's now beginning to 
> slow me down too much.

Well, anything new nowadays is _way_ faster than what you have been using :)

>> Not sure if nForce is good for linux (some problems with NF2 and NF3 - 
>> not sure if they have been fixed by now).
> so either SIS or Via chipsets are fine then?

I have SiS and it's been working fine. VIA is also good nowadays (there 
used to be several problems with KT133 chipsets etc.). Don't forget 
Intel's own chipsets if you go for P4 platform. They are good as well.

> What about things like 'hyper threading' ?  I gather support for this 
> will probably add complication and not worth the effort?

IIRC, Linux kernel support multi-threading fine. Additional CPU power 
comes from HT.

> What kind of connector is on S/PDIF?

It's not a connector but a standard interface for audio data 
transmission. S/PDIF is transmitted via optical or coaxial connector 
(ala RCA). I prefer optical when possible to avoid potential difference 

>> Minimum for analogue video-output is s-video, IMO. Better is to have 
>> RGB output.
> RGB=scart type output?

Yep. IIRC, Matrox VGA cards can be modified easily to provide RGB 
output. Matrox cards are also known for excellent quality output.

>>>    What's uATX?
>> Motherboard form, very small. If you wan't to build small HTPC type 
>> computer then this is good solution. Expansion slots are minimal - AGP 
>> is often missing, PCI ports are limited to 1 or 2 and a lot of 
>> peripherials are integrated.
> So integral video out on the motherboard?

Could be - you need to check each mboard candidate. I wouldn't hold my 
breath about the quality of video out of integrated tv out - usually 
integrated peripherals does not provide good or excellent quality.

> Thanks again!!


Br, Pasi

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