[linux-dvb] How to tune a dvb-t set top box under linux in france

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Mon Feb 28 14:33:24 CET 2005

alexis.henry at devoteam.com wrote:

> hello list,
> i am responsible for creating a monitoring tools in order to control 
> front end info for a dvb-t network.
> The indicator i need to get are Bit error rate and noise factor 
> basically.
> I though i would be able to use dvbsnoop to do so but now i am trouble 
> to set tuning parameters.
> My question is the following:
> Do you know of a set up tool and of a stb (dvb-t) i can use to get my 
> indicators ?
> dvbtune and other tools do not seem to work for dvb-t in France.

can you post a log, please?

> Does any one of you know of a stb brand (or a dvb-t card brand) which 
> can be tuned in
> using a free tuning linux tool? I would appreciate to get both tool 
> name and stb brand name.
in linuxtv's wiki there's a list of supported cards

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