[linux-dvb] TwinHan 1030a Adapter

Christiaan Brand christiaan at uitsiglan.co.za
Sun Jul 3 13:16:46 CEST 2005


Thanks very much for the excellent advice. The frontend is now recognized
correctly. I don't know if I broke something during the upgrade process, but
when I boot the new kernel, and try to do anything involving TCP access
(ftp, wget, browsing the internet...) I get a "permission denied" error. I
even tried logging in as 'root' and it does exactly the same thing. Is there
anything obvious I'm missing?


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Christiaan Brand wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've been searching through archives on the internet for the past two 
> days, and have only found one other mention of someone who had EXACTLY 
> the same problem that I'm having. To my knowledge his problem isn't 
> solved yet either.
> I have a P-III computer with Fedora Core 3 installed (also tried it 
> with FC2) and a TwinHan 1030a adapter. When loading the drivers, the 
> following two lines behave exactly as expected:
>modprobe bttv i2c_hw=1 card=0x71
>modprobe dvb-bt8xx
> dmesg reports the card as detected and everything else seems normal.
> As soon as I try to load the frontend driver, by using:
>modprobe dst
> I only see the following text:
> bt878 find by dvb adap: checking "DST"
> This just returns me to my prompt, and NO front end is ever registered.
> I tried the line (modprobe dst) with verbose and debug enabled, and it 
> yielded the following:
> write_dst: write_dst error (err == -5, len == 0x08, b0 == 0x00)
> This gets written out 5 times, and the last line I see, is:
> dst_check_ci: write not successful, maybe no card?
> I desperately want to get the card working with MythTV, so any help 
> would be very much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Christiaan

I had problems getting my 1020 to work and after pulling most of my hair 
out; this worked.

1. Get the 2.6.12 kernel from kernel.org and accept no substitutes. Only 
2.6.12 without any rev numbers on the end. This is the link:

2. Compile it.

3. Check the numbers on your /dev/dvb/adapter0 goodies. If they're not 
212, run the includeded MAKEDEV-DVB.sh script.

4. Make sure the line "options bttv i2c_hw=1 card=0x71" is in 

5. When loading the modules use 'modprobe dst' followed by 'modprobe 

With any luck at all, you'll have more hair than I did after it's all 
said and done. This should work. If it does, you can play with using the 
CSV on linuxtv.org and maybe the patches to bring your kernel up to 
current but it's only 15 days old. That's still newer than anything 
Micro$haft puts out. :^)


========MAKEDEV-DVB.sh follows==============
=====please stay back 500 feet for your own safety======

# Create device nodes for the Linux DVB API with DVB_API_VERSION 2.
# The devices created are suitable for most current PC DVB cards,
# i.e. cards having one frontend, one demux and optionally one
# MPEG decoder.
# The script creates devices for four cards by default.

if [ -e /dev/.devfsd ]; then
        echo "It seems you are using devfs. Good!"
	exit 0

# get rid of old DVB API devices; do it twice for good measure...
rm -rf /dev/ost
rm -rf /dev/ost
rm -rf /dev/dvb
rm -rf /dev/dvb

mkdir /dev/dvb
chmod 755 /dev/dvb

for i in `seq 0 3`; do
	echo "Creating DVB devices in /dev/dvb/adapter$i"
	mkdir /dev/dvb/adapter$i
	chmod 755 /dev/dvb/adapter$i
	mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/video0    c 212   `expr 64 \* $i +
	mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/audio0    c 212   `expr 64 \* $i +
	mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/frontend0 c 212   `expr 64 \* $i +
	mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/demux0    c 212   `expr 64 \* $i +
	mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/dvr0      c 212   `expr 64 \* $i +
	mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/ca0       c 212   `expr 64 \* $i +
	mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/net0      c 212   `expr 64 \* $i +
	mknod -m 0660 /dev/dvb/adapter$i/osd0      c 212   `expr 64 \* $i +
	chown root.video /dev/dvb/adapter$i/*

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