[linux-dvb] CinergyT2; locked but no data

Bruno Smets bruno.smets at philips.com
Tue Jul 5 15:11:22 CEST 2005


Looking for help to solve CinergyT2 problem -> tuner seems to be locked 
but no data is coming out as endpoint 
seems not to be recognized. Any help is welcome. 

I'm trying to bring-up the CinergyT2 USB DVB-T receiver module within 
linux-dvb stack. The USB-device had 
firmware version 1.06 which was using isochronous data transfers. The USB 
descriptors show a strange 
structure, so I've upgraded the device to firmware version 1.08. The 
descriptor structure seems more logical here and using 
bulk transfers. 
In linux I see only 2 endpoint descriptors (as in Interface descriptor 0, 
the number of endpoints is set to 0x02) using 
descriptor_test from libusb. However in the driver a 3rd endpoint seems to 
be used for data-input.  There should
be 3 endpoints: Endpoint 0x01 (output-bulk), endpoint 0x81 (input-bulk), 
endpoint 0x82 (input-bulk 64 bytes).
The problem is that number of endpoints is set to 0x02 in the descriptor 
In some mailing-list I've seen a reference to firmware version 1.03; but 
this seems to be not available (anymore). 

Has anybody had a similar problem ? Is it a device problem ? Can I 
workaround by patching the USB core driver to 
check ? 

Thank for the help,
Bruno Smets
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