[linux-dvb] Re: [REVISED -mm PATCH] v4l: add dvb support for dvico fusionhdtv3 gold-T

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Wed Jul 6 00:36:30 CEST 2005

Michael Krufky wrote:
> Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> >Besides that the patch lacks the Kconfig changes which
> >would make the #ifdef mess useful, I still advise
> >against it. It is just not userfriendly if you require
> >users to find out what frontend driver the need for their card.
> >We had that in the past, and I think most people like
> >the current approach better.
> >
> Johannes-
> The correct lines are ALREADY in kconfig:
> +config DVB_LGDT3302
> ... and the same for OR51132, CX22702, MT352, etc...

linux-2.6.13-rc1-mm1 has:

config VIDEO_CX88_DVB
        tristate "DVB Support for cx2388x based TV cards"
        depends on VIDEO_CX88 && DVB_CORE
        select VIDEO_BUF_DVB
        select DVB_MT352
        select DVB_OR51132
        select DVB_CX22702

so the user has no choice...


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