[linux-dvb] TechniSat Skystar 1 CI (Twinhan clone) ca_zapnotworking

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Wed Jul 6 13:58:41 CEST 2005

Sigmund Augdal wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-07-06 at 14:47 +0400, Manu Abraham wrote:
>>No, not at High level. The HLCI is just meant for convenience.. Whereas 
>>it follows EN50221 in firmware, not otherwise.
> Then how is one supposed (with this api) to know what went wrong? Some
> error handling would be nice. Is the driver supposed to send the query
> message, and report any error?

No, the problem is many cards (hardware) do not support query. Trying to 
do a read on those hardware has strange effects.


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