[linux-dvb] Re: CA_ZAP/DVB libs

Andrew de Quincey adq_dvb at lidskialf.net
Thu Jul 7 13:42:46 CEST 2005

On Thursday 07 July 2005 12:03, Manu Abraham wrote:
> Kenneth Aafløy wrote:
> > On Thursday 07 July 2005 12:45, Manu Abraham wrote:
> >>Hi All,
> >>
> >>Since we had been chasing the rabbit here for quite a long time, i
> >>thought i should give it a bit of thought..
> >>
> >>In the process i found dvbsak.sourceforge.net changed license to LGPL.
> >>So i thought it would be wise to switch to a LGPL library rather than
> >>trying to write one from scratch.
> >>
> >>So comments are expected whether it should stick on with the present
> >>model, or should we go in for something like that ..
> >>
> >>dvbsak.sourceforge.net
> >>Changed license boilerplates to LGPL
> >
> > Did you notice the date on that thing?
> Yep, it has gone through quite a lot of revisions as well, Many
> contributors too.. Well i found some contributors on the linux-dvb list
> too..
> While going through the contributors, i found Jamie also to be one of
> the contributors. Interesting ..
> Do we have to go again through all those bug-fixes again .. ?
> BTW, have you noticed that it is organized better and written better ?
> What i could suggest is we could import the library into CVS, and make
> the necessary changes required for whatever requirements.. That would be
> definitely better.

Hmm, would definitely be good if we could concentrate on the completely new 
functionality - e.g. en50221 stuff instead of having to write lots of 
plumbing ourselves....

Some bits we can ignore - the dvbchan_* and dvbfe_* stuff is already 
superceded by libdvbcfg. Or else I'm planning on rewriting it anyway.

There does seem to be a lot of malloc()/relloc() ing going on in the SI stuff 

I kinda liked the callbacks idea for SI processing in libdvb2 - then you just 
process what you need and the rest is ignored. dvbsak appears to 
process/malloc everything then pass the structures back to the user.

Looks as though it may be thread safe though - list additions/deletions are 
surrounded by mutexes.

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