[linux-dvb] DEC2000-t help

gneeki gneeki at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 19:54:47 CEST 2005

Peter, thanks for your reply to the list - very helpful.

On 7/6/05, Peter Beutner <p.beutner at gmx.net> wrote:
> Appearently there are two things which let mythtv hang during channel scan:
> - as the driver always reports a signal lock mythtv waits forever when
> it has tuned to a frequency where is no signal at all
> - a filter mask(other than 0xff) for section filter doesnt work
> I attach two patches which should resolve these issues. The first one,
> implementing the signal status readout, should be pretty safe. Im using
> it quite some time now. Just hadn't found time to send it here. The
> second one is more a better guess, but it seems to do the right thing,
> eg channel scanning with mythtv works for me. Hope it doesnt break any
> other stuff, although I think it shouldnt ...
> So you may give them a try ;)

Thanks - I patched the files concerned (manually - for some reason the
patches wouldn't take), and they compiled, when I found a version in
CVS I can use!  Apparently dvb-kernel CVS swapped over to insisting on
2.6.13rc+ yesterday? Anyway, I've patched CVS code from the 6th June
(using here).

>  > Using tzap feeding into mplayer on stdin it seems to tune into
>  > the first few channels I try, but then mplayer rigidly sticks
>  > at 0% cache, and refuses to tune in until I reboot (card/module
>  > removal/reinsertion doesn't seem to help).
> I guess the decoder chip on the box locks up. If you look in your kernel
> log when that happens, you probably will see lots of "bulk message
> failed" errors. At least I see this quite often here after some channel
> zapping. Im still trying to find the real reason for these lockups.

No I don't see any such messages, unless I need to turn verbosity up somewhere?
Again last night, same experience - I managed to tune into one channel
with tzap -> mplayer, which locked up after maybe 10 seconds, and now
I can't tune into any. I had no problems whatsoever in dvb-kernel/apps
from 2004-12-26 and an earlier 2.6 kernel, so I'm really stuck here. 
Is there anything else I can do or am I stranded with dvb-kernel now
and this box?

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