[linux-dvb] Scart Pin 8 (TV turns on)

Hanno Mueller sockpuppet at hanno.de
Fri Jul 8 11:58:57 CEST 2005


Scart cable connections have the nasty habit of turning on the TV and
switching to AV when a video source is swichted on. Very annoying,
especially when my Linux vdr turns itself on in the middle of the night
to record a tv show and the tv awakes from standby, too, blasting sound
in the living room.

So far, I found out that Pin 8 is the reason for this. But I also read
that I should not just disconnect it, as Pin 8 is used for both the
"look at me" signal (12 volts) and the "this is widescreen" signal (6

Is there any software or driver setting I can use to avoid this?



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