[linux-dvb] Re: libdvb2 [Analyze yourself]

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Fri Jul 8 13:24:41 CEST 2005

Kenneth Aafløy wrote:
> On Friday 08 July 2005 12:57, Manu Abraham wrote:
>>Yep. rather than being obnoxious.
> Should I drop you from the CC list when replying to mails then?

Well, upto you. I was commenting on what you wrote just now.
I told you earlier too that it was your wish not mine.

CC' d since many ask my why they can't contribute ..


 From previous mails ..


torsdag 7. juli 2005, 22:45, skrev Manu Abraham:

 >> A while back(i with a few weeks back) myself and Andrew were discussing
 >> about doing the tuning stuff in userspace too.. If things goes well,
 >> sounds good.. This would have the advantage in converting all those
 >> SNR's and signal strengths into something standard from proprietory
 >> unknown values ..
 >> Can have really cool stuff .. Really cool ..

Not to be ignorant or (gee, can't find the word),
but in my oppinion you just raised you'r bar quite
some with that statement, keep that line of fire,
it doesn't hurt anyone and fits anywhere, excelent  ;)



torsdag 7. juli 2005, 23:16, skrev Johannes Stezenbach:

 >> Kenneth Aafløy wrote:
 >> If your lib takes a different direction than what we want, then
 >> it would be a pity if we had to reimplement the parts of libdvb2
 >> that would suit us. What is so bad about cherry picking? Does
 >> it bother you that someone says "you have a nice SI parser, but
 >> I don't like threads"?

No, but it felt like all of a sudden the direction changed with
regards to the library, and as I still have the GPL card on my
hand, I naturally play it.

 >> Please try to get over it, cherry picking is an integral part
 >> of why OpenSource is such a rewarding model for software
 >> development.

Well, I'm trying to promote my way of doing some real work,
if that does not suit ya'll, fine with me! No flame intended.
To be very honest I have not tried this before, so kudos.

On Thursday 07 July 2005 21:29, Kenneth Aafløy wrote:

 >> torsdag 7. juli 2005, 22:07, skrev Andrew de Quincey:
 >>> > On Thursday 07 July 2005 20:41, Kenneth Aafløy wrote:
 >>>> > > What you and Menu is after is just cherry picking libdvb2, 
what's the
 >>>> > > point of continuing then?
 >>> >
 >>> > We're trying to choose the best implementation. This is exactly 
what I
 >>> > did for the configuration files. Who knows which is the best yet 
 >>> > experimentation?
 >> Have you ever heard the expression 'crouded in the kitchen'/'too manu
 >> cooks'? That's the blunder that Menu made, IMHO.


fredag 1. juli 2005, 21:29, skrev Manu Abraham:

 >>> > Why is this not fit for embedded?
 >>> > And don't even dare say that you already told me, caus you haven't!
 >> Sure i have told you, see my previous mails ..

Fuck you stating that, you haven't even read my code!


fredag 1. juli 2005, 20:40, skrev Manu Abraham:

 >> Not to forget that i too have a TODO list ..

Sure, does it contain fixing up the section parser in a few days?

fredag 1. juli 2005, 19:56, skrev Manu Abraham:

 >> Kenneth,
 >> is it that you are implying that i better stop wasting my time on this ?
 >> If so, if you can let me know, the earlier i opt out of this would be a
 >> lesser a waste of time for me, eventhough i have wasted quite a lot of
 >> time and energy on this. That would be very kind ..
 >> Anyway for ca_zap/hlci, also i don't mind i can fallback to my old
 >> monolithic versions.. if that's the case .. Anyway got lot of better
 >> things to do .. Never knew contributing was so difficult ..
 >> Regarding the embedded aspect in which case i can take it elsewhere ..
 >> There would be other likeminded thoughts ..
 >> If it is some misunderstanding i am extremely sorry, the reason is i
 >> don't want to simply waste my time over nothing ..

First of all the next task on my todo list is to couple the conditional
access layer of my library with the demuxer, so that seamless decrytion
can occur with the minimal amount of effort on the application side.
Since this is a feature all applications that use the library want to do!

However to do this I need a proper section parser, and as it is now your
implementation in libdvbsi is horribly broken, and IMHO unusable!

So I start at the top, trying to write the leanest and fastest descriptor
parser I can come up with. I assumed you would understand that I intend
to put this into libdvbsi when it is in a workable state, in that:

  - it does not overwrite memory it does not own
  - it does not crash when incomplete data is feed to it
  - it has most descriptors ready to use
  - it is an implementation based on ideas/suggestions in this thread

That said, I don't get why you continue pushing for fixing your 
of the descriptor parser when I explicitly asked you to hold off on 
doing it?

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