[linux-dvb] dvb devices not created, and wrong module loaded?

m.evans at reading.ac.uk m.evans at reading.ac.uk
Fri Jul 8 18:09:46 CEST 2005

Have pretty much got my new gentoo box up and running, however, am having 
trouble with the dvb.

using kernel 2.6.11 from recent gentoo sources (on amd64), and using udev

Firstly, the device nodes were not being created, (first noticed by fact that 
kaffeine did not bring up the dvb tab). there is no /dev/dvb/
have checked google, and found reference to udev rules and a dvb.sh script. 
These rules, and the script are both already in place.

checked that modules were being loaded, and got

Module Size Used by
fglrx 262144 7
budget 8896 0
l64781 7300 1 budget
ves1820 5892 1 budget
budget_core 8068 1 budget
saa7146 16000 2 budget,budget_core
ttpci_eeprom 2432 1 budget_core
stv0299 10180 1 budget
tda8083 5572 1 budget
ves1x93 6404 1 budget
dvb_core 79100 2 budget,budget_core
tda1004x 13572 0

Now, I think the issue here is that the tda8083 module is being used, when my 
hardware should be using the tda1004x (I know, because this is the same card 
as I used in my old 32bit athlon system - beside which tda8083 is dvb-s, and 
I have a dvb-t (winTV nova-T from easter 2004)). I never selected to compile 
the 8083 module - it seems to get automatically set when i run make.


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