[linux-dvb] Signal, SNR, BER . .

stonewall at inebraska.com stonewall at inebraska.com
Sat Jul 9 06:03:30 CEST 2005

Working with szap on a satellite multicast application, does anyone have 
documentation to the meaning or value of the bits set on the frontend read 
for the SNR (or also known as EbN0) and BER?

The values from szap only are relational, but the tuner on these PCI cards are 
calculating absolutes.  For instance, a nominal SNR for the work I'm doing is 
around 15dB . . . but the report from szap, even if you convert to decimal, 
is 58,000 . . .

And with BER, this is normally a double precision number . . . with a good 
status of around 10e-6 or so.  

Thanks in advance for any assistance


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