[linux-dvb] TwinhanDTV Sat CI 1030D (VP-1030C)

Allan Stirling Dibblahdvb0042 at pendor.org
Sun Jul 10 01:08:42 CEST 2005

Robert Kloibhofer wrote:

>I have got a new twinhan card, and all my attempts to get this card running have failed so far.
>There are no visible differeces between my card and the VP-1030C, as shown on the wiki
>(http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Twinhan_VP-1030C). only some stickers are different:
>- no MAC address sticker and the model number on the other sticker shows 1030D instead of VP-1030C
>- the tuner is covered by a twinhan-logo, however there seems to be a LG-tuner below.
>I'm running Debian testing (amd64) with Kernel 2.6.11, compiled from Debian supplied sources.
>I have tried some patches i have found on [linux-dvb] to the debian kernel sources:
>- bttv-cards.c patch from April, which prevents the bttv module from hanging the system (works).
>2nd part of the patch didn't apply, since the corresponding code seems to be unavailable in the debian-sources.
>- bttv-i2c patch from June, which should correct some i2c communication problems. Did make no difference though.
>The 3 twinhan Patches from February didn't apply correctly.
>Analog receiption is working (no cable prob),
>and scan finds about half of the available channels (see below).
>I'll appreciate any help as well as i'd be happy to help getting this card running on linux.
... And once again I get bitten by the reply-to being the author rather 
than the list.

The problem with scan is caused by the DST frontend not doing polarity
right. H, if I remember correctly, did not work (The polarity was
actually left on V). Apply the last patch I posted to the list, or
upgrade to latest CVS.



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