[linux-dvb] LinuxTV Copyrights

Kenneth Aafløy kenneth at linuxtv.org
Sun Jul 10 01:28:10 CEST 2005


lørdag 9. juli 2005, 12:39, skrev Johannes Stezenbach:
> There is no corporate body (association, club, society, company)
> which could be called "LinuxTV group". The server is paid by a
> sponsor, and the linuxtv.org domain is registered to the
> server admin (whois is out of date, convergence doesn't own
> it anymore).


> > What would the burdon of making all content in the LinuxTV CVS,
> > copyrighted to the LinuxTV project be?
> For what purpose? Currently copyright stays with the authors.
> The only group I know of which handles this different is the FSF,
> because the copyright transfer enables them to take legal
> action by themselves (only the copyright holder can sue on
> copyright violations).

Well, if you look at the dvb-apps directory, there is a lot of
files there without copyright statements, which AFAIK means that
the author disallows everything!

> > IANAL, please respond if you are, as I want to know who you are!
> IANAL too, but getting a written statement from all patch authors
> who submitted something during the last couple of years
> to transfer copyright to whoever doesn't sound very practical
> to me.

Yup :)


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