[linux-dvb] Kworld Xpert DVB-T USB2.0

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Sun Jul 10 18:51:28 CEST 2005

Hi Marcus,

I'm not sure in which way ADSTech and Kworld are working together, or if 
it is even the same company with two different names.

There is a ADSTech USB2.0 box based on the DIB3000M-B (the only USB2.0 box 
with that one) and from your information it seems this is the second box 
with the demodulator

The tuner is identical too. I assume the box is very dark blue? Do you 
have an URL which shows some pictures of the box.

> Box: The Box looks the same as the USB1.1 version. There is one 
> additional sticker saying USB2.0.

> PCB Information:
> Model: DVBT-USB-DBRT Ver:G
> DIBcom 3000-M B122a DVB 0424101
> Tuner Box: DAT7022

Same tuner, too.

> Bus 004 Device 002: ID eb2a:17de

And indeed it has different USB IDs. But they can be easily added.

Assuming the firmware is identical the one used for the ADStech box, you 
can get it from the dvb-kernel CVS. (You will need 

Which drivers are you using? Would you get along with using the drivers 
from dvb-kernel CVS? This would be the easiest way for me to create a 
patch for your box.

best regards,

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