[linux-dvb] Several TS streams from DVR device?

Felix Domke tmbinc at elitedvb.net
Mon Jul 11 00:37:55 CEST 2005

> after reading the specs of the DVB-API V3 I have a question:
> It seems to be possible
> 1.) get several selected PES streams (one pid per stream) from dmxN device

> 2.) get one single TS stream from dvrN device (several selected PIDs in that TS)

> but it doesn't seem to be possible to get several TS streams with several PIDs in
> each TS.

> What I want to do is to tune the DVB-Card to a transponder and get ALL channels at
> the same time (1 VPID, 1 APID (1 SubtitlePID) per channel).
you could get the virtual pid 0x2000, which contains all pids. or you
have to get one TS with all required pids (don't forget PAT/PMT), and
split them, like you said.

> Is that possible with the DVB-API V3 or do I have to get one TS with all PIDs from
> the DVR device and remux them into several TS with a additional TS remuxer?
Unfortunately, there is no way. I think is THE major drawback of v3 api.

I know that v4 is supposed to fix this.

But what about implementing a hack (aka "new feature"), which supports
this for v3? The only required changed should be in the core, device
drivers don't need to be changed. On example interface could be multiple
DMX_SET_FILTER per fd, turning a DMX into a DVR.  And of course the
possibility to get a single TS, without using the DVR.



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