[linux-dvb] Why do we need Kernel 2.6.13 ?

Joerg Knitter joerg.knitter at gmx.de
Mon Jul 11 11:26:53 CEST 2005

Michal Semler wrote:
> Hi,
> At first start think if you really need driver from CVS. DVB is in vanilla 
> kernel - so use latest vanilla.
> CVS is only for testing and developing purposes not for mainstream
> Michal

There have been a lot of fixes recently e.g. for FF cards. So if I use 
such one, I am forced to upgrade because there were a lot of unsolved 
problems for years like 'unknown picture type' and 'video data stream 
broken' messages that seem to be cured.

Futhermore, e.g. at VDRPortal, peter_weber69 is working on a kanotix 
live cd with VDR. This is based on kernel 2.6.11, but if you want to 
support latest cards (especially DVB-t) you would be forced to upgrade 
the kernel as long as there were no patches for older kernels.


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