[linux-dvb] cx24110 driver question/problem

Adam Szalkowski adamsz at gmx.net
Mon Jul 11 23:25:53 CEST 2005

I'm using a Pinnacle PCTV SAT on a DiSEqC 2.0 multiswitch.
Since 2.6.12 these lines have been added to cx24110_send_diseqc_msg() in 
      rv = cx24110_readreg(state, 0x77);
      cx24110_writereg(state, 0x77, rv|0x04);

These lines also occur in cx24110_diseqc_send_burst(). When tuning with szap 
(using the -r option, of course) the FE reports to have a lock but I still do 
not receive any data on some channels. Before 2.6.12 this worked.

When I remove those lines in both functions everything works fine as before 
2.6.12. What is this code supposed to do? Can it be removed again or fixed so 
that my card works again with a stock kernel?
Best regards,


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