[linux-dvb] Re: some libdvbcfg wishes, preset format

Felix Domke tmbinc at elitedvb.net
Tue Jul 12 01:06:10 CEST 2005

Andrew de Quincey wrote:
> I still like the [sections] idea - although if you can suggest a clearer 
> format, I won't insist on them :)
> What about something like:
> [m]
> gmid=<...>
> d=<...>
After thinking about it again, it like it more and more.

> The "delivery" stuff could be greatly shortened by simply using the frontend.h 
> integer values instead of the massive strings it is right now (e.g. "0" 
> instead of "INVERSION_OFF").
Yes, i vote for that.

We can still have a fixed header which explains the different values (as
human readable comment)

> I assume the other formats - adapter, and sources are ok?
For some reason i'm not planning to use "sources", and i haven't yet
decided about "adapters".

But i'll think about that again.

>>I vote for adding the provider_name to the service info
>>in the multiplex file (can't think of a better place
>>to put it).
> Will that not add lots of duplicate string entries though, again increasing 
> the file size? I suppose another option as Felix suggests would be to have 
> just the ID in the multiplex file and the actual strings in another.. of 
> course we then get the problem of clashing provider IDs :(
Well, it would be nothing more than some kind of compression. all
different provider_names must be collected, and there must be something
like a map at the start which maps them to the numbers.

>>BTW, it seems this file has undefined character encoding?
>>We should define the encoding to be utf-8.
> Yeah - I was thinking of UTF8, but never actually wrote it down anywhere. 
what's about the special DVB chars? I vote for just including them, of
course UTF-8 encoded.

>>Will there be a "list of lists"? I.e. how is the order of
>>favourites lists in the menu defined (to make sure that
>>"daddy's list" comes first)?
>>Flash file systems don't waste much space for small files, so
>>having a number of small files is not an issue.
> hmm, yeah, you'd have to have an index file. Do you think we need a full 
> hierarchical structure though? Thats what was causing headaches for me.
A stupid idea, just to think about that option:

What's about sorting the filenames (of the lists), thus defining the
list? (The name of the lists are defined inside the list..)

But I agree that this is probably going to be a bad idea. the advantage
would be that you could import favourites without editing any file, the
disadvantage is that, on hierarchies, the "directories" can't be named.


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