[linux-dvb] Several TS streams from DVR device?

Peter Beutner p.beutner at gmx.net
Tue Jul 12 12:42:26 CEST 2005

Felix Domke schrieb:
> When doing a TAP filter (otype == DMX_OUT_TAP), ts_pes (aka. pes_type or
> tap_type) should currently be always equal DMX_PES_OTHER, as the other
> values only make sense with DMX_OUT_DECODER. (or am i wrong here?)
> My patch would add the possibility to use DMX_TAP_TS instead of
> DMX_PES_OTHER (or DMX_TAP_PES, which is the same value).
> Essentially, your code does the same, the only difference is when called
> with ts_pes being any DMX_PES_VIDEO/AUDIO/PCR but otype !=
> DMX_OUT_DECODER, which is invalid in my eyes.
> I could miss something here, though.
hm the ttusb_dec driver needs those DMX_PES_VIDEO/AUDIO/PCR filters with 
otype = DMX_OUT_TAP. It doesnt handle filter with pes_type == 
I dont know if this is invalid with regard to the api specs, but it 
seems to be the only working solution for that device.


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