[linux-dvb] Re: Fw: [PATCH] [DVB]Siemens DVB-C PCI: SAA7113 Analog Module Extension: Fix missing Video (CVBS+Y/C) Inputs in AV711X V4L driver

thomas schorpp t.schorpp at gmx.de
Wed Jul 13 19:41:27 CEST 2005

Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> thomas schorpp wrote:
>>lkml: since its word wrapped, itll fail there, wont it?

-i turned this off now in moz. pls report if he does wrap again, then i
file a bug report.

> I think in you first posting you send it as an attachment. That
> should be fine. I will comment on the CodingStyle problems
> shortly.

-no attachments. all c+p in mozilla.

>>meanwhile i try to fix the stereo sound of this extension board.
> That would be cool. I happen to have such a board, but I couldn't
> get stereo sound to work. I assume that there is some filter
> in the signal path which prevents the msp34xx from getting the
> full bandwidth input. But I am not sure. I guess one would
> need an oscilloscope to find out.

that would make no design sense, putting a more expensive stereo decoder
on a mono module, but ill check the pcb and the tuner datasheet too.

ive contacted siemens, but theres only a customer firewall diverting to
technotrend gmbh and collecting marketing data :(

could someone pls check with a win98 installation if the original
siemens sw gets stereo and report, (ill try too)?
and i need to know a kabelbw channel broadcasting stereo all the time or
use the modulator output of my vhs vcr.

ive spent several hours analyzing this up to now:

the datasheet avail. from itt is for a msp3400 -G- type which handles
demodulator registers setup by automatic standard detection and stereo
detection, but weve the old -D- type here, or even older,  which
requires manual setup and basic~advanced knowlegde about the tv/stereo
modulation standards parameters which are partially mentioned in the paper.

register 0x18 should tell about multichannel audio reception status -if-
modulator setup is correct... its always 0 or 0xa000 here.
(rmmod/insmod dvb-ttpci.ko debug=3 -> syslog "stereo detection:")

Jul 13 19:32:54 tom1 kernel: dvb-ttpci: info @ card 0: firm f0240009,
rtsl b0250018, vid 71010068, app 8000261e
Jul 13 19:32:54 tom1 kernel: dvb-ttpci: firmware @ card 0 supports CI
link layer interface
Jul 13 19:32:54 tom1 kernel: dvb-ttpci: av7110_set_volume():
Jul 13 19:32:54 tom1 kernel: dvb-ttpci: DVB-C analog module @ card 0
detected, initializing MSP3400
Jul 13 19:32:54 tom1 kernel: dvb-ttpci: av7110_init_analog_module():
dvb-ttpci: @ card 0 MSP3400 version 0x0303 0x0008
Jul 13 19:32:54 tom1 kernel: dvb-ttpci: av7110_set_volume():

(grrmbl, mozilla wraps again)

ive scheduled fixing this until end of month. after then itll be a easy
 "replacement mod" on vdr-wiki for pin-compatible -G- type, with
adaption of the driver, eventually.

or even more simply, just connect a vhs vcr to the newly enabled video
inputs and stereo to the soundcard line in, nearly everybody has still
got around, this was the intention of my patch, the cheapest way.

and if you want "acceptable" digital sourced sound out of this card, you
need a trust 514/7dx (cmedia 8738-MX) anyway for connecting the spdif

> Johannes


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