[linux-dvb] ifconfig locks on down - B2C2 flexcop.

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Thu Jul 14 18:40:43 CEST 2005

stonewall at inebraska.com wrote:
> Johannes - just to make sure I did this correctly; I patched in the below 
> code, recompiled, rebooted just to make sure I was loading the new modules.  
> I brought up each interface, then I hit each one with an ifconfig <dev> down, 
> until it got to the last one, then it hung.  I hit Ctrl-C, and then:
> I looked in syslog as well as dmesg, and found no "ARGH" reference or line.
> Since I see no ARGH line at console, syslog, or dmesg - can I assume we never 
> even get to dmx_section_feed_release_filter call?

The trace you posted earlier looked like it (or how would
you interpret it?). You could stray some more printk() into
that function to see if it is entered and exited when
ifconfig hangs. If those printk say that dmx_section_feed_release_filter
is already exited, but SysRq-T says it hangs there, then ARGH again...
Maybe someone else has a better idea, but I guess enabling debug
options and adding addtional printks and doing some experiments
is the only way to find out where it hangs.


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