[linux-dvb] ATSC card with 2 RF inputs.

Mac Michaels wmichaels1 at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 15 21:22:04 CEST 2005


Like I said, I don't really like my proposed solution. 

Obviously it would be implemented so that it only switches 
input connectors for the DViCO FusionHDTV 3 Gold-Q board. 
It would have no affect on any other board used by the 
lgdt3302 driver. 

I am fishing for other solutions.


On Friday 15 July 2005 01:25 pm, you wrote:
> Mac Michaels wrote:
> >The DViCO FusionHDTV 3 Gold-Q card had two RF input
> >connectors and the ability to select either one of them.
> ...
> >My proposed solution is to modify the current lgdt3302
> > driver to select the ANT input when 8VSB is selected or
> > the CABLE input when QAM64 / QAM256 is selected.
> Mac-
> I don't think that the right place to do this is within
> the lgdt3302 driver.  My board, DViCO FusionHDTV3 Gold-T
> has only one RF input.  I use the same rf input to use
> OTA VSB as I use for cable QAM.  I think that if you
> altered the frontend like this, it could break the
> usability on my board.  The correct place to do this is
> somewhere card-specific, like cx88-cards.c ... Meanwhile,
> I understand your entire point is that cx88-cards deals
> with video4linux analog inputs, and you're looking for an
> ATSC solution for multiple RF.
> The frontend driver should remain portable enough such
> that any new board coming out that uses the lgdt3302 chip
> can use the lgdt3302 driver, simply by making the
> appropriate alterations in dvb-pll, cx88-dvb.c and
> cx88-cards.c such as the method that I added Gold-T card
> in the patch (already applied) located at:
> http://techsounds.org/v4l/gold-t-dvb.patch
> It shouldn't matter how many rf inputs are on the
> board.... lgdt3302 should NOT care about that.  Maybe
> there is another way in the dvb subsystem to take care of
> this?  Anybody have any ideas?

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