[linux-dvb] Re: some libdvbcfg wishes, preset format

Kenneth Aafløy kenneth at linuxtv.org
Sat Jul 16 02:30:11 CEST 2005

lørdag 16. juli 2005, 01:49, skrev Kenneth Aafløy:
> int dvbcfg_create_parser(struct dvbcfg_parser **);
> Which allocates a new backend parser, then:
> int dvbcfg_get_multiplexes(struct dvbcfg_parser *, struct dvb_multiplexes **);
> int dvbcfg_get_next_multiplex(struct dvbcfg_parser *, struct dvb_multiplex **);
> int dvbcfg_get_next_service(struct dvbcfg_parser *, struct dvb_service **);
> A -EOVERFLOW or NULL value in the ptr-ptr parameter says end of list.
> The backend can then choose to pre-parse the multiplexes in get_multiplexes,
> and only keep track of where it is via the parser context.
> The parsing in the backend itself can be helped with the string parsers
> already present in dvbcfg, but it is actually free to store the data
> in any format it chooses.

Just making something clear:

I think the backend parser should keep track of where the configuration is
stored. The library is then just a frontend for *any* configuration _when_
it's used by an application _in_ the current domain (computer).

Basically I want the configuration to be just that, configuration, and nothing
else, that is presented to the library user. In the default (desktop) parser
that parses the file-format invented we could have a compile-time option that
gives the location of where to store _all_ data. This gives the distros the
freedom of choosing where to store the data.

Optionally the backend parser should have a default _url_, but the user of
the library is free to set an url where configuration should be retrieved/stored.


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