[linux-dvb] knc1 DVB-S tuning issues

Julian Scheel julian at jusst.de
Sun Jul 17 02:27:24 CEST 2005

Julian Scheel schrieb:

>Am Samstag, 16. Juli 2005 22:31 schrieb Johannes Stezenbach:
>>Julian Scheel wrote:
>>>Isn't DECT on 1880MHz? - That's about 10000MHz less, I don't think that
>>>should be a problem.
>>The output of the LNB is mixed down to the 1..2 Ghz range (coax cables
>>don't work for 10Ghz). If you have a "universal LNB" the IF for
>>11836.5 would be 1236.5 Mhz.
>>Dosn't hurt to experimentally turn the DECT phone off, they are
>>known to interfere.
>Ok, I'll try that tomorrow - but shouldn't this affect different transponders, 
>too? - I mean every other transponder works with absolutely no problems.

I googled a bit more and figured out, that the Sceneo TVcentral guys 
seem to have similiar problems with KNC1 and Terratec Synergy card. They 
made a patch which changes "something" with the automatic gain 
May this be relevant for the linuxtv-drivers, too?  - And what could be 
changed regarding the agc at all in this driver?

It seems like the guys from itvmedia.de did some modifications to the 
driver, because they don't get the problem (I had a box here and tried 
it with the exact same card, that makes the problems in my machine). I 
allready asked them to send me their kernel/dvb-sources, but didn't got 
an answer yet.


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