[linux-dvb] dvb-apps: UNSTABLE

Kenneth Aafløy kenneth at linuxtv.org
Sun Jul 17 04:04:57 CEST 2005


As you know CVS is a development platform, and sometimes the sources served
through CVS goes into an unstable stage. This has just happened, because
there is work going on to rewrite the un-licensed files in dvb-apps and
a lot of new code is going in.

If you just want the latest dvb-apps without any fuzz applied,
and take the chance of using it (we take no responsibility)!

cvs up -Ad -D160705

If you want to comment on the new method of doing development or any
new files in dvb-app I would appreciate to be carbon-copied!

I also would remind you that dvb-apps has entered UNSTABLE ground,
which as far as I know have not happened in quite some time.


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