[linux-dvb] cx24110 driver question/problem

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Sun Jul 17 22:49:57 CEST 2005

On Sun, Jul 17, 2005 Andreas Oberritter wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-07-17 at 16:03 +0200, Peter Hettkamp wrote:
> > - The best solution might be to only store the requested burst command on a
> > call to send_burst, and include the correct burst bit in the start_diseqc
> > sequence in send_msg. This would, however, require applications that want to
> > send bursts do do so before calling send_msg,

That's not good, because the DiSEqC spec requires the burst to be
sent after the DiSEqC message, so usually apps do it that way
(in VDR one can configure it, though).

> > and also require them to call
> > send_msg even if they have no message to send (which may break again since
> > the hardware always sends at least 3 bytes of diseqc message unless the
> > message is suppressed completely via bit 2 of 0x77.)

That's not good, either.

> > LNBDC and ContinuousTone are easier in this respect, just set the correct
> > bits in 0x76, and all is well, i.e. according to my reseach they seem to take
> > immediate effect with or without a start_diseqc sequence.
> > 
> > - If anybody has a better solution for this, feel free to mail me about
> > this. If anyone feels the need to donate DiSEqC equipment with known
> > behaviour (does it switch both on Mini-DiSEqC and DiSEqC commands, or,
> > better, on only one of them), contact me, we can work something out ;)
> if you can set the continuous tone, then you can probably use it to do
> DiSEqC and tone burst in software. The skystar driver does it. See
> flexcop-fe-tuner.c.

That sounds a bit ugly. I cleaner solution would be to
go a few years back and add something like SEC_SEND_SEQUENCE from

Of course it would take months until all apps support it...


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