[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Siemens DVB-C PCI: SAA7113 Analog Module, on integrating msp3400.c, fixing stereo

thomas schorpp t.schorpp at gmx.de
Mon Jul 18 04:07:59 CEST 2005

Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> thomas schorpp wrote:
>>Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
>>>thomas schorpp wrote:
>>>>fixing msp3400c(-c8) stereo/multilanguage:
>>>>will remove all msp stuff in av7110_v4l.c (its foreign there) next and
>>>>try to utilize gerd knorrs msp3400.c -if- the chip can be accessed
>>>>directly over i2c instead through the ARM, it should, since the SAA7113
>>>>can be detected successfully by av7111.ko, but msp3400.ko cant detect
>>>>the msp here, wonder why...
> The reason we didn't use Gerd Knorr's driver was that it uses
> a thread to monitor the msp3400 and we suspected that would
> interfere with the DVB usage of this chip. If you could
> get this to work it would be great.

ok, integrated so far, detection and initialisation works, it printks
out some carrier and other messages.

ill take care of the thread without breaking other drivers using the

anyway the msp3400 chip of this card shouldnt be used for dvb audio,
cause the sound output in that way is heavily harmonic distorted and the
proposed "volume setting for dvb with onboard analog mogule" does NOT
work here anyway, at least not with vdr... so we should drop dvb usage
for it. spdif soundcards are cheap nowadays.

>>>Could you please send an incremental patch? I read your new posting
>>>just a few minutes after comitting your previous one.
>>-att- (if i understood you right)
> This patch changes just whitespace and comments, which I took the
> liberty to cleanup from your earlier patch.


> Thanks,
> Johannes

at your service ;)

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