[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Siemens DVB-C PCI: SAA7113 Analog Module, on integrating msp3400.c, fixing stereo

thomas schorpp t.schorpp at gmx.de
Mon Jul 18 11:57:39 CEST 2005

Anders Gunnarsson wrote:
> thomas schorpp wrote:
>> anyway the msp3400 chip of this card shouldnt be used for dvb audio,
>> cause the sound output in that way is heavily harmonic distorted and the
>> proposed "volume setting for dvb with onboard analog mogule" does NOT
>> work here anyway, at least not with vdr... so we should drop dvb usage
>> for it. spdif soundcards are cheap nowadays.
> The volume setting in vdr worked fine for me the few time I got the
> msp3400 working with current sources. When it was working I didn't
> notice any distortion, at least not more noticable than the quantisation
> noise in analog output without the module.

for me:

-not with vdr 1.3.27

and others:

-connecting the audio out to soundcard or hifi equipment, the harmonic
distortion of this output IS significant (can listen about >10%), not
only for my card, others reported too and its stated even in vdr wiki.

> Haven't had time to check more what the detection-problem is, but it
> should also be solvable in the old code.

the problem is, the code is insufficent for this chip (tried several
hours, will no more, its too complex and risky -> uneconomical redesign
effort), does not belong to that file, supports not mostly used
international tv-standards (says only pal B/G). this is the job of a
specialized driver.
since theres one yet, i wont reinvent the wheel ;)

> /Anders


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