[linux-dvb] twinhan bttv hang bug in kernel 2.6.13

Graeme Christie graeme at sx.net.au
Tue Jul 19 07:31:26 CEST 2005

It seems to me as if this bug has resurfaced again. I had no problems loading bttv with my twinhan VP1030A with the 2.6.12 kernel (actually patched for gentoo-sources, but I don't think there were any bttv related patches). When trying to upgrade to either 2.6.13-rc3 or 2.6.13-rc3-mm1 I was getting a hang when loading bttv, both from the kernel vedeo4linux tree and from the latest cvs (18/7/2005). I applied the patch Manu posted months ago from 
 http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/attachments/20050404/00967085/bttv-cards.c-0001.bin to the video4linux cvs source compiled againt 2.6.13-rc3-mm1 and the problem was fixed.

Just thought that anyone else crawling this list for fixed might want to know. Did the fix not make it into the video4linux cvs tree ? (the patch applied cleanly)



PS: Sorry for not replying to the original thread and posting a quote from the archive here, but I wasn't a member of the list when this was posted.

Gerd Knorr wrote:
>>/If people can test this patch out, and let know whether it works for 
/>>/them as well without hitches, Then the patch could go in, such that the 
/>>/2.6.12 has a bttv module that does not freeze the entire system.
/>/ The patch seems to simply bypass the bttv_init_card2() call for the
/>/ twinhan.  Any chance to figure where exactly it dies?  Maybe the
/>/ bttv_audio_reset() call?
For the Twinhan card, data is transferred as Audio DMA, probably 
something goes wrong while doing an audio_reset after initialization, 
and that was most probably the reason Avermedia users were not affected.

I have attached a patch which solves the very same problem in a much 
better way.

Hope Twinhan users can check this out and know whether it works for them 
.. (Against the CVS Head)

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