[linux-dvb] About to demux.c on Linux DVB API v4..

yongdae,shin ertos12 at chol.com
Tue Jul 19 07:40:34 CEST 2005

I'm porting to Linux DVB API v4 for IBM STB04500 (Pallas).
The IBM STB04500 (Pallas) chipset provide 3 demux, 1 video decoder, 1
audio decoder,..etc
in internel chip.

I will use to Tuxbox (DBOX2) application.

I have some questions the following:

1. demux.c
- I will porting to IBM STB04500 device driver.
but, dvb-core/demux.c or device.c is not privide private open function.
(I think that Using native IBM STB04500 device driver and attach to

2. different device driver data architecture.
- As above question, I need to porting not changed IBM STB04500 device
But, think to Linux DVB API v4 porting , It must be changed original
device driver.

How to solve the porting issue?

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