[linux-dvb] knc1 DVB-S tuning issues

Adriana Galmeanu adriana.galmeanu at deuromedia.ro
Tue Jul 19 14:43:48 CEST 2005

Hi Julian,

Pe data de Sunday 17 July 2005 00:27, Julian Scheel a scris:
> It seems like the guys from itvmedia.de did some modifications to the
> driver, because they don't get the problem (I had a box here and tried
> it with the exact same card, that makes the problems in my machine). I
> allready asked them to send me their kernel/dvb-sources, but didn't got
> an answer yet.

We (deuromedia) have done the dvb support for itvmedia. We had the same tuning 
problems on ARD for a long time. Somebody at itvmedia asked Andrew de Quincey 
to take a look at this, but as far as I know, he didn't find a solution yet.

There are no modifications to the driver, we use the sources from kernel 

The "solving" of the tuning problem is actually this sequence:
- try FE_DISEQC_SEND_MASTER_CMD / FE_SET_FRONTEND ioctls about 6 times each;
- after every FE_SET_FRONTEND, read status 10 times;
Between every ioctls, usleep (50000) - this interval I found somewhere in an 
old libdvb from Metzler brothers, IIRC. 

We had this problem most often on ARD (11836 MHz on astra), also sometimes on 
ZDF.vision (11954), but strangely, never on RTL (12188). First tuning 
operation after starting the machine was the most problematic (status 0x1f on 
ard after ~40 read_status operations, if we were lucky). 
We replaced the knc with a wintv nova, this one always reported a nice 0x1f at 
the first fe_read_status. So definately it was a problem with the card, not 
some external cause.

I hope this helps.


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