[linux-dvb] DViCO FusionHDTV3&5 lgdt330x support plans

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Tue Jul 19 21:05:19 CEST 2005

Mac Michaels wrote:

>A patch to implement item 1 above follows. I think this is 
>what Patrick suggested. It makes sense to me as it puts more 
>of the tuner code into the dvb-pll files. I will post 
>patches for items 2 - 6 as I complete them.
Please send each patch separately to address each item.  A problem in 
one item shouldn't hold up the merging of another item.  This will make 
it the easiest to get the new code applied to where it belongs, and for 
each item to be reviewed separately. 

>This patch is against an old version of the video4linux CVS. 
>It still has the lgdt3302.* files and the makefile to build 
>them. Note also that the last fix I made for the QAM 
>intermittent problem is also in this patch. I know it is 
>wrong to do this, but I am interested in feedback. 
The code might be good, but the patch is a mess. So far, I have had to 
apply all of your previous patches by hand, but this is becoming very 
complicated.  (This is probably also the reason why nobody ever applied 
your patches until I came around ;-) )  If you must use an old version 
of v4l cvs to work against, please use cvs dated 7/14/05 ... This was 
the day I applied the QAM lock bug fix.  7/15/05 is the day that Mauro 
removed DVB frontends from video4linux cvs (while I was on vacation).

>It is very convenient for me to work this way. When I finish 
>merging the lgdt3302 and lgdt3303 I will produce a proper 
Perhaps you should grab the latest dvb-kernel cvs as well..... (this is 
the new home for lgdt330*)


Your patch in the previous message removes support for the FusionHDTV3 
Gold-T board!!!

I understand that right now it is difficult to work between both 
trees... Hopefully we will find a better solution soon.

For now, it would be best if you can send in separate patches for each 
respective tree.... please have lgdt330*.* and dvb-pll.* patches 
prepared together, and all other video4linux stuff in a separate patch.  
I have access to both cvs trees, and I can handle proper application of 
these patches for you.

I received my FusionHDTV5 Gold card in the mail today... haven't yet had 
a chance to play with it.  If you can re-send your patch against newer 
code, it will lay down some framework for me to begin testing with both 

Michael Krufky

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