[linux-dvb] stv0299: explanation of 08 and 0c registers [rev 2.3]

Andrew de Quincey adq_dvb at lidskialf.net
Wed Jul 20 00:24:44 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 19 July 2005 21:50, Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> Jeremy Hall wrote:
> > I am looking at some code that attempts to change the voltage within 8ms.
> >  I recently swapped out my legacy dvb/s card for one of these 2.3 cards
> > which I understand has a different tuner on it, although it is integrated
> > into the stv0299 driver.
> >
> > Could someone point me to a document or explain to me how the 0x08 and
> > 0x0c registers work? The tuner is definitely the newer model, as when the
> > vertical polarity is set, the mask is 0x10, not 0x40 as in legacy tuners.
> >  I am getting sporatic responses and am thinking that somehow we're not
> > quite getting it right, and maybe a subsequent retransmission of a
> > command clears up the problem.
> The registers are described in the stv0299 data sheet, but that
> alone doesn't help you because you need to know the circuit around
> the stv0299 to set them. This should be specifed in the frontend
> (tin box) data sheet.

Or else get a voltmeter and beep out the connections between the chips :)

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