[linux-dvb] Preset format

Kenneth Aafløy kenneth at linuxtv.org
Wed Jul 20 03:01:39 CEST 2005

tirsdag 19. juli 2005, 19:31, skrev Andrew de Quincey:
> Hi, I'm wanting to think about the presets file format now.... What about this 
> to kick things off:
> [presets]
> version=0.1
> name=...
> [p]

[c] | [channel] or [s] | [service]?

> gsid=...
> name=...
> icon=...

Hmm, I'm pondering on the icon value, will anything be specified about those?
Are we trying to make some generic channel icon specification that can be
reused by other applications?
Maybe it's best left to the application or a higher level library?

> As discussed, if you want more than one group of presets, you simply have more 
> than one file.

So those would be located in /etc/dvb/presets by default?
Would libdvbcfg support managing those?

> The name= in the [presets] section is what is displayed to the user - in case 
> the underlying filing system doesn't support full UTF-8 filenames.

Sounds good.


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