[linux-dvb] Re: any news on the Hauppauge/TT Nova-S SE driver ?

Andrew de Quincey adq_dvb at lidskialf.net
Wed Jul 20 10:47:41 CEST 2005

> About the slow locking of this card, I feared that this behaviour I
> noticed in windows would be repeated in linux, but I still hope that
> some tweaking is still possible (as opposite to windows drivers, where I
> never expect something to get any better, because nobody cares...), what
> do you think? 

I hope so! Its not that great as it is :(

> Anyway, can't wait to test it tonight, to see for myself 
> and compare. In windows for example, theese problems are especially
> visible when switching from one diseqc input to another, and I'm sure it
> has nothing to do with the diseqc switch itself, it's not about being
> slow, it's actually not locking at all, I have to switch back and forth
> several times until I see a signal again.

Oh right - well hopefully that can be sorted.

One thing - I've not been able to test a diseqc switch as I don't have one 
(only dumb tone/voltage switches).

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