[linux-dvb] Problems with DVB-S TT rev 1.5

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Thu Jul 21 11:51:33 CEST 2005

Ralph Scharpf wrote:
> 1. Sometimes there is only a black screen delivered from vdr. Often I am able 
> to use vdr as usual (start recording, start playback, OSD etc.) but there is 
> no picture of current TV program at all. Sometimes vdr even doesn't react to 
> anything.
> 2. The are some situations where a still picture is shown with a small bar on 
> upper border that changes.
> Sometimes I could get rid of the problems by restarting vdr. Somtimes I have 
> to reload the module dvb-ttpci. Sometimes the still picture effect solves 
> itself. In neither case the vdr watchdog is released.
> When I run the femon plugin in such a situation I see that S/N and SNR are 
> well and the status signals (Lock etc.) too. When unmounting the satellite 
> cable all signals go down to 0 and the status displays become red. After 
> reconnecting everything is ok again and I get immediatly a picture.
> Jul 20 16:42:29 freud kernel: dvb-ttpci: __av7110_send_fw_cmd(): timeout 
> waiting for COMMAND idle
> Jul 20 16:42:29 freud kernel: dvb-ttpci: av7110_send_fw_cmd(): 
> av7110_send_fw_cmderror -110
> I would like to find out whether these problems are known or if I have a bad 
> piece of hardware. I also would be willing to offer my hardware for a certain 
> time when it would help t osolve the problems. Perhaps all developers have 
> different cards.

These are more or less known (symptoms vary). Did the 261d firmware
work better for you?


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