[linux-dvb] voltage control for DVB-T and DiSEqC switches

Kenneth Aafløy kenneth at linuxtv.org
Fri Jul 22 22:10:18 CEST 2005

Hi Andreas,

fredag 22. juli 2005, 22:04, skrev Andreas Oberritter:
> I want to change frontend.h in a source and binary compatible way to
> allow setting 5V (for active DVB-T antennas) and 12V (for DiSEqC
> switches which don't need 13V or 18V to switch polarization).

+       SEC_VOLTAGE_OFF,        /*  0V DVB-S / -T standby / passive antenna */

Please refrase!

> I know it is ugly, because:
> - the values are not ordered correctly

It has to be that way for binary compatability,
unless you explicitly assign values to the enums.

> - "SEC" has nothing to do with DVB-T

SEC is just hanging around from the nokia api anyways, right?

> But I don't think it is useful to invent an ioctl which does the same
> thing as FE_SET_VOLTAGE but for DVB-T only and with a different name.
> DVB_API_VERSION_MINOR should probably be incremented, too.
> Does anyone have a better proposal?

Other than a new ioctl, no!


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