[linux-dvb] ves1820 FEC, have problems with cable provider

Christian Kaenzig chrismoll at chrismoll.homelinux.org
Sun Jul 24 13:48:09 CEST 2005

Le Dimanche, 24 Juillet 2005 13:23, thomas schorpp a écrit :
> >>status 1f | signal ffff | snr d1d1 | ber 006511de | unc ffffffff |
> >>status 1f | signal ffff | snr d5d5 | ber 006511de | unc 00000071 |
> >>status 1f | signal ffff | snr cfcf | ber 006511de | unc ffffffff |
> >>
> >
> > First, you are running femon while having your adapter used by some
> > software, right (e. g. czap, ..) ? If I run femon without an app. using
> > the card, I get that signal 'ffff'.
> sure, you need to tune to a channel first, dont you?
> vdr is running here.

I asked because sometimes, when I tune to a channel, quit the app and wait 5 
seconds I get exactly that kind of output, i. e. signal ffff, unc fff... and 
sometimes FE_HAS_LOCK.

> > That said, I also had this kind of problems with some channels at some
> > hours of the day. The transponders around 300 MHz would always work fine
> > but the ones over 500 MHz only between 21h - 08h. I could get the latter
> > almost working all day by plugging the dvb-c card directly to the wall
> > outlet with a short cable.
> tuned to ~ 426 MHz at the moment.
> > So I guessed the signal strength was not high enough for my card on the
> > higher frequencies. I bought an antenna amplifier and that solved my
> > problem.
> checked a week before. looped through the antenna amp of my vhs vcr
> since. no diffrence, sorry.

Are you sure you vcr has an amplifier built in and not just a 'T' ? The 
amplifier I'm talking about was sold for ~ 60 CHF (~ 40 €) so it might be a 
bit expensive just for testing...

I don't have a vcr around anymore but given the test I did some years ago in 
the analog world, my vcr didn't have an amplifier (although it was not a 
particularly cheap one IIRC). But things might have changed since then, I 
don't know.

> tom

Hope this helps, but sorry if it doesn't :) !


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