[linux-dvb] Re: Budget-AV CI problems

Andrew de Quincey adq_dvb at lidskialf.net
Sun Jul 24 15:18:26 CEST 2005

Another thing I noticed:

in ciintf_slot_reset(), you say at the top:
        int timeout = 50; // 5 seconds (4.4.6 Ready)

However, lower down you do:
        /* This should have been based on pin 16 READY of the pcmcia port,
         * but AFAICS it is not routed to the saa7146 */
        while (--timeout > 0 && ciintf_read_attribute_mem(ca, slot, 0) != 

Isn't that only going to sleep for 50 centiseconds as opposed to 50 seconds?

BTW: in ciintf_slot_reset(), this piece of code is fine:
        saa7146_setgpio(saa, 0, SAA7146_GPIO_OUTHI); /* Vcc off */
        saa7146_setgpio(saa, 0, SAA7146_GPIO_OUTLO); /* Vcc on */

I was meaning the other calls to set GPIO0 high that I have to remove to make 
it work again - leaving the above code in works fine on my card.

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