[linux-dvb] scrambled channels with Twinhan DVB-T CI

Berry Perzon berry at perzon.se
Mon Jul 25 20:16:11 CEST 2005

Finally, I've got the TwinHan card to work. All the free channels works perfect, but not the scrambled ones. If i understand this right, I need to tune to the channel with tzap, and after that run ca_zap. But everytime I do this, I get errors about the channels.conf file having syntax errors. And that is probably true, I don't know exacly which syntax to use. 
Where can I find the right syntax fro ca_zap? After ca_zap works, can I watch my subscribed channels with xine, or do I need another program?

[root at wrk01 scan]# /pub/linuxtv/dvb-apps/util/ca_zap/ca_zap -c /tmp/channels.conf  -n "tv4 film" -t ter
Using Adpater=[/dev/dvb/adapter0]
Parsing /tmp/channels.conf
Terrestrial frontend
ERROR: transmission_mode field syntax error
Service ID=[0]
parse_pat: ----------------->parse PAT section
parse_pat: PAT => Section Length=[37], TS ID=[1022]
parse_si: PMT PID = [16]
parse_si: PAT: Close Demux /dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0

Another thing. To make the Twinhan card work with kernel 2.6.13-rc3, and the latest snapshot, I hade to change the definition for the DTT-CI card in dst.c. dst_feature needs to be DST_TYPE_HAS_CA, not 0. I also needed to replace DST_TYPE_HAS_TS204 with DST_TYPE_HAS_NEWTUNE. After that, it worked.

My card is a Twinhan VP-3040 (with external CI-board). V1.1.0 - 040811
ViaAccess (RedLabel), Boxer Card (swedish)

Berry Perzon
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