[linux-dvb] Re: Budget-AV CI problems

Kenneth Aafløy kenneth at linuxtv.org
Wed Jul 27 23:38:42 CEST 2005

søndag 24. juli 2005, 15:13, skrev Andrew de Quincey:
> Hi Kenneth, I've just been retesting the budget-av CI support in view of my 
> changes to the EN50221 support last night. I've encountered a problem with 
> your changes to the CAM code however (I have a Terratec DVB-T with CI 
> module).
> Specifically: 
>  saa7146_setgpio(saa, 0, SAA7146_GPIO_OUTHI); /* Vcc off */
> The problem is GPIO1 on my card also controls the voltage output to the 
> frontend - so if I insert/eject a CAM, the frontend is turned off which is 
> not handy :)
> Is this necessary for functioning in your system, or can I remove it?

Sorry about the late answer, I've been occupied with other tasks close
to myself that needed attention!

I'm not sure ATM, because my card is outside of any system.
I'll test this for you if you say the right words ;)


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