[linux-dvb] Using FusionHDTV3 QAM and HD3000 in same system

Mac Michaels wmichaels1 at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 28 18:24:03 CEST 2005

On Thursday 28 July 2005 02:33 am, Todd Ignasiak wrote:
> I have been using a FusionHDTV3 QAM in my HTPC for a
> while now.  

There is a very recent change (Linux 2.6.12 maybe and CVS) 
that affects only the  FusionHDTV 3. The RF connector is 
automatically switched between the ANT and CABLE connectors 
for digital TV signals just like the DViCO supplied Windows 
driver does. Older versions of the driver did not switch 
the RF connector for digital signals. The ANT connector was 
used for both OTA and Cable digital signals. Analog TV does 
not automatically switch and is not affected by this 

> It worked fine with my QAM cable setup. 

I saw a report the the isolation between the two connectors 
on the FusionHDTV 3 is less than ideal. A user reported 
inability to receive some weak OTA channels when Cable was 
connected at the same time.

> Now, I added an HD3000 card, which appears to use the
> same cx88 drivers, but with an Oren demodulator.

How are you connecting the RF cable? If you have not already 
tried it by moving the original RF cable from one card to 
the other, test it that way. I had the center wire in the 
cable get bent and miss the whole in the RF connector 
shorting out the signal. This was right after I had handled 
my FusionHDTV 3. I was afraid I had zapped something, but 
straightening out the cable wire fixed everything.

> Since installing the HD3000, I can no longer get lock on
> any channels with my Fusion card.  The HD3000 locks on
> QAM channels, but I can't get the fusion to lock on any.
> Has anyone seen behavior like this?

Not me. I don't have cable or HD3000. :-)

> Any suggestions for workarounds?
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