[linux-dvb] An old chestnut... PWM setting on VES1820

Lars Altenhain lars at altenhain.de
Thu Jul 28 21:25:32 CEST 2005

Gavin Hamill schrieb:

>I've just got a replacement Siemens DVB-C for the one that Royal Mail managed 
>to lose (grr, don't get me started...) and the replacement is very slow at 
>I have to specify dvb_override_tune_delay=15000 to dvb-core :(
>dmesg shows "ves1820: AFC (-10) 67890Hz" - given that the pwc module parameter 
>was removed, what is the procedure for altering this value? I could tweak VDR 
>to always tune 68kHz lower than it should, but this feels really clumsy...
you can use i2cset from the lm_sensors package to write the pwm value to the eeprom on the card. 

i2cset X 0x50 0xff 0xXX b

The first X ist the number of the i2c bus. i2cset without any parameters 
gives a list of the i2c busses available.
XX is the pwm value.


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