[linux-dvb] Using FusionHDTV3 QAM and HD3000 in same system

Todd Ignasiak ignasiak at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 23:59:12 CEST 2005

I updated to the newest drivers from the V4L CVS.   Then, I changed
the cable to the other RF input.    Now, the FusionHDTV3 and the
HD3000 are working together with QAM!


On 7/28/05, Mac Michaels <wmichaels1 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> On Thursday 28 July 2005 02:33 am, Todd Ignasiak wrote:
> > I have been using a FusionHDTV3 QAM in my HTPC for a
> > while now.
> There is a very recent change (Linux 2.6.12 maybe and CVS)
> that affects only the  FusionHDTV 3. The RF connector is
> automatically switched between the ANT and CABLE connectors
> for digital TV signals just like the DViCO supplied Windows
> driver does. Older versions of the driver did not switch
> the RF connector for digital signals. The ANT connector was
> used for both OTA and Cable digital signals. Analog TV does
> not automatically switch and is not affected by this
> update.
> > It worked fine with my QAM cable setup.
> I saw a report the the isolation between the two connectors
> on the FusionHDTV 3 is less than ideal. A user reported
> inability to receive some weak OTA channels when Cable was
> connected at the same time.
> > Now, I added an HD3000 card, which appears to use the
> > same cx88 drivers, but with an Oren demodulator.
> How are you connecting the RF cable? If you have not already
> tried it by moving the original RF cable from one card to
> the other, test it that way. I had the center wire in the
> cable get bent and miss the whole in the RF connector
> shorting out the signal. This was right after I had handled
> my FusionHDTV 3. I was afraid I had zapped something, but
> straightening out the cable wire fixed everything.
> > Since installing the HD3000, I can no longer get lock on
> > any channels with my Fusion card.  The HD3000 locks on
> > QAM channels, but I can't get the fusion to lock on any.
> >
> > Has anyone seen behavior like this?
> Not me. I don't have cable or HD3000. :-)
> > Any suggestions for workarounds?
> >
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